Photo taken by Kaden Quinn in Philadelphia, PA, USA, August 2018 ( and on Instagram @itskadenquinn). Image Description: Thomas stands behind a teal, rusted railing resting his arms through the iron bars. He looks off beyond the camera. He wears a dark green shirt and black hat. His black tattoos paint his right forearm in flowers and thick black bands.


My name is Thomas Cole Reeve (pronouns: he/him/his). I am a queer, transgender (“FtM” – female-to-male) writer and poet living near San Francisco, CA, USA. I started documenting my gender transition through Instagram on my account, @creating_thomas, in June 2017, and I have been sharing my thoughts, opinions, and feelings on all things gender, sexuality, masculinity, living, growing, and being ever since.

This website serves to archive my writing and poetry as it develops, as it changes, and as it grows, but this website also serves as a safe space for you, as well, to come, to reflect, and to share with me, as I continue to share with you.

I hope you feel that safety here, and I am so happy to help hold that space for us all to be together.

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